Arihant Innochem offers a wide array of Pharma excipients catering to every application need in dosage form development. We offer a wide selection to formulators to address and overcome a gamut of challenges in the formulation of solid, liquid & semisolid dosage forms.

The offerings include conventional excipient categories like binders, disintergrants, and diluents, lubricants, coating materials, solubilizers and release modifiers covering oral, topical, parenteral, rectal and vaginal dosage forms.

The new-generation formulations like Orodispersible Tablets (ODT), Multiparticulate Systems (MUPS), present with complex issues like segregation, capping, low dissolution, poor bioavailability and we have a range of novel and tailor-made excipients to address and resolve these challenges.

The list is expanding and growing as we continue to scout for novel and synergistic additions to our product portfolio.

All the excipients we promote come from World class manufacturers and are produced in state-of -the- art facilities with stringent controls and supplemented with all necessary Quality and Regulatory compliance.