NISSO HPC is the leading pharmaceutical excipient in Japan and used in over 3,000 marketed drugs worldwide. NISSO (Nippon Soda Co.,Ltd) has 45 years experience and technical expertise for manufacturing premium quality, silica-free HPC that meets the highest standards of the pharmaceutical market. NISSO HPC is available in a wide range of viscosities and particle size formats to achieve the most desirable excipient functionality for your application:

Regular Powder

Regular Powder type HPC is mainly used in solution form. As a binder for wet granulation applications, low viscosity grades of HPC give an excellent balance of properties to oral solid dosage tablets by imparting superior strength and elegance without compromise of the disintegration profile. When used as a film coating agent, HPC improves film flexibility, elongation, and adhesion to the tablet.

Fine Powder

Fine Powder type HPC has better formability than Regular Powder type and is mainly used in dry powder form. Having good wettability, lower viscosity grades are used as a dry-mix binder in high shear mixer formulations. Higher viscosity grades of HPC are applicable to controlled release matrix tablet formulations by direct compression application and give better release profiles compared to other common CR polymers.

Super Fine Powder

SFP grade offers the highest level of formability. Excellent tablet properties can be obtained at low use level in direct compression applications. SFP is applicable to poorly compressible drug and high drug load formulations. Additionally, excellent tablet properties can be achieved in orally disintegration tablet (ODT) formulations by direct compression method when SFP grade is used in combination with a super disintegrator.