A division of the French based company CeratecSarl, focuses on the production and development of speciality materials for the modern cosmetics industry based on natural Ingredients. Today’s Natura-Tec orientation is to turn to the sea to search for novel ingredients in order to provide elements of improved efficacy, natural origins, innovation and sustainability to modern cosmetic products particularly as regards active materials.

“Green” cosmetics have an important role in our efforts to build eco-awareness and grow to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Key products include natural waxes, natural and vegetable butters, vegetable alternatives to synthetic raw materials, vegetable oils, natural emulsifiers, esters, plant extracts, performance and active ingredients.
Various range of product Natura-Tec is offering are ..

Natural butters
Alternative to synthetic raw materials
Vegetable alternatives to petroleum
Alternative to silicone
Alternatives to lanolin
Natural emulsifiers
Active ingredients
Active based on triglycerides
Protein derivatives
Actives based on rice derivatives