Huntsman Pigments and Additives is a strong, specialized global business with a high value portfolio of innovative products. We are passionate about creating value for our customers to help meet the demands of an ever changing world.

We are one of the most diversified global suppliers of pigments and additives. Since the acquisition of Rockwood’s performance additives and titanium dioxide businesses in 2014, we now offer a broad range of specialty titanium dioxide pigments, color pigments, functional additives, and timber and water treatment chemicals.

Our pigments and additives add performance and color to thousands of everyday items from paints, inks, plastics and concrete to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food.

Titanium Dioxide :

Titanium Dioxide pigments and additives for the pharmaceutical industry are derived from natural sources to help create effective pharmaceutical formulations (as classified by NATCOL). They are created with care to deliver whiteness and opacity. Manufactured with tightly controlled particle size distribution, our Titanium Dioxide pigments help you to achieve product consistency in terms of color, opacity and surface texture. Simple to use, easy to disperse and incorporate into your products. Our pigments can help protect your valuable active ingredients from the damaging effects of light, helping extend product shelf life.

Huntsman titanium dioxide pigments and additives are manufactured and managed to conform with all main pharmaceutical directives and regulations.

Tablet coatings and Gelatine capsules:

Not only do the pigments used in the pharmaceutical industry have to be of extremely high purity and pharmacologically safe, they must also satisfy stringent requirements in terms of their dispersibility, opacity and covering power. Huntsman possesses the required expertise and has many years of experience as a supplier to leading pharmaceutical manufacturers.

HOMBITAN AFDC and HOMBITAN FF-Pharma are notable for their excellent opacity and optimum dispersibility. HOMBITAN FF-Pharma’s chemical purity meets the demands of important official pharmaceuticals standards, such as the European pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur/EP), the Japanese pharmacopoeia (JP) and the US pharmacopoeia (USP).

HOMBITAN AFDC as well as HOMBITAN FF-Pharma are also certified as Halal and Kosher.