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Ceolus PH grades are the most commonly used grades for oral solid dosage forms. They show excellent performance when used in granulation and direct compression of tablets.

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The key to the compactibility of the Ceolus KG grades lies in their needle-like particle shape. Needle-like particles, once compressed, have less elastic recovery and moreparticle-to-particle entanglements to provide greater tablet hardness.
In particular, KG-1000, offers practically required tablet hardness and friability at concentrations of 10% or less.




The porous structures and more spherical morphology of Ceolus UF grades contribute to their effective plastic deformation and better flow. They are highly compactible and flowable.


Application of direct compression
Formulation: Ascorbic acid (milled)/MCC/spray-dried lactose/Kiccolate ND-2HS/Mg-St=75/20/3/2/1.5 (weight part)
Tableting: Rotary press (12 punches, 54 rpm with gravity feeder)
Tablet: 180mg, ?8mm, 12R


Croscarmellose Sodium, USP, Ph.Eur, JP

  • Kiccolate is water insoluble disintegrant obtained by cross-linking of carmellose sodium. Asahi Kasei Chemicals distributes 2 grades of Kiccolate, ND-2HS and ND-200 as sole distributor of Nichirin Chemical Industries, Ltd.
  • ND-2HS is suitable for low water solubility drug and ND-200 is suitable for high water solubility drug


Typical properties

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??All values are presented only for the purpose of basic reference and not as specifications.
?Settling volume?volume of 1.5g sample after being immersed in test medium for 4hours
?Loose bulk density? Fill sample into vessel and measure without consolidation
?Tapped density ?Pour sample to vessel and measure after mechanically tapping 100 times
?Water holding capacity ?Volume of purified water applied drop wise to 1g sample at the point when powder cannot retain inside and water seep out from surface


Special properties and function of Kiccolate

  • Rapid disintegration and dissolution
  • Effective at low use level
  • Less susceptive to pH and viscosity
  • Less susceptive to hardness and compression force
  • Superior stability