Arihant Innochem Pvt. Ltd. (formerly Arihant Trading Company) is a family owned independent business enterprise founded in 1989. Over the decades, Arihant Innochem has evolved as a Trusted Associate of Pharma Companies as a supplier of Speciality Excipients in India. We also represent personal care, homecare and Food ingredients manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world.

The distinguishing feature of our business has been our unparalleled Commitment to Quality. This coupled with in-depth knowledge of the products we promote and consistent, prompt and unstinting support we provide to our customers, has positioned us as a much sought after Partner by both the Principals we represent and the customers we cater to.

Mission statement

Arihant Innochem takes immense pride in 3 basic tenets which form the backbone of our business philosophy namely – Trust, Quality and Commitment.

Trust of the Partners we represent and the customers we serve is of paramount importance to us. We trust our superior product standards and their unmatched performance; we trust our vast experience and product knowledge and we trust the expertise of our well-trained technical and business team.

Quality is reflected in each and every best-in-Class product we offer from our world renowned Principals and this is backed by Arihant’s outstanding and up-to-date Technical and Regulatory support.

Commitment to Consistency in Quality and Customer Support is our ‘Mantra’ in delivering a wide array of excipients catering to almost every phase of Pharmaceutical, Home and Personal care development.

Through these core values of Trust, Quality and Commitment we strive at every step to help our customers succeed in meeting the challenges of the Global Markets.

Our Offering

The excipient basket of Arihant boasts of a unique combination of conventional and niche products and we represent the world’s leading Speciality Chemical producers, namely, LUBRIZOL, SHIN-ETSU CHEMICAL CO., LTD., NICHIRIN/GOTOKU CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LTD., NIPPON SODA CO., LTD, PHARMATRANS in the Pharmaceutical sector and LUBRIZOL, SHIN-ETSU, RAHN, THOR, NATURA-TEC, LESSONIA, HUNTSMAN in the Home and Personal Care sector.

Arihant Innochem’s enthusiastic and knowledgeable Core and support teams understand the current trends and market dynamics and work in close association with the Development Scientists.
The training workshops and seminars conducted by us present opportunity to our customers to meet with experts and keep the scientists abreast of the latest regulations and innovations in our product range.

We also have a state-of the –art application lab for personal and homecare in Mumbai.

Our Vision

Arihant Innochem is constantly striving to explore and forge new partnerships to bring innovative and best-in-class excipients to our customers with the ultimate vision of becoming a one-stop-shop for all the excipient needs of the Healthcare and Personal care industry.