Micro Crystalline Cellulose Spheres (MCC Spheres) as Cellets are neutral carriers for pellet systems in controlled release formulations. As an inert and insoluble core, Cellets combine unique product and process properties and offer a wide range of particle sizes. Cellets are insoluble in water and are insoluble in diverse media and reduce agglomeration of pellets in the starting phase of the layering process. Cellets are innovative carriers for new drug entities, multiple dosage forms and highly active APIs when it comes to pellet formulations. It can support the improvement of formulations and optimisation of layering and coating processes. Pellet based on Cellets can be filled in capsules, sachets and sticks or compressed into matrix tablets.

GradeSize RangeApplication
Cellets® 9063 - 125 µmDrug Layering, Sustained release granules, Multiple Unit Pellet Systems also known as MUPS
Cellets® 100100 - 200 µm
Cellets® 127 100 - 160 µm
Cellets® 175 150- 200 µm
Cellets® 200200 - 355 µm
Cellets® 263200 - 300 µm
Cellets® 350350 - 500 µm
Cellets® 500500 - 710 µm
Cellets® 700700 - 1000 µm
Cellets® 780710 - 850 µm
Cellets® 10001000 - 1400 µm

TAP® (Tartaric Acid Pellets )

TAP® are highly spherical particles optimised for coating and layering processes to achieve reproducible product characteristics. In extended release pellet formulations TAP can be integrated to reduce the pH dependancy of the drug release therefore achieve the desired dissolution profile.

GradeSize RangeApplication
TAP® 200100 - 350 µmReduction of pH-Dependent solubility in extended release, formulation of weakly basic drugs, thus improving the bio availability of drugs.
TAP® 400300 - 500 µm
TAP® 425425 - 500 µm
TAP® 500400 - 655 µm
TAP® 600500 - 710 µm
TAP® 700600 - 800 µm